Bridgeland Riverside Community Association


Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • P
    Prabhjeet Grewal
    One of my friends organized a meet here. Convenient to find due to easy access on the main road. Lots of parking and spacious halls inside.
  • T
    TracyLyn Moland
    Beautiful location for rent for weddings. Parties etc
  • A
    Angela Thomas
    Great multiple park. Go for beakerhead!
  • J
    Jeff White
    Great place to host events. Close to other amenities and in the heart of the beautiful community of Bridgeland.
  • S
    SD Khan
    You should visit there. alot of facilities
  • J
    Jennifer Barge
    Fun for the whole family
  • M
    Mike Chartrand
    As owner of A Laptop Shoppe and a registered Uber driver . I was pleasantly surprised with this community hall used by Uber for drivers to meet with Uber management. The staff here were great . Thanks.