Win Garden

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • L
    Lonnie Taylor
    Pretty great buffet for $13. The food is fresh and the service is fast.
  • R
    Roger Foster
    Food is not that good anymore. People who answer the phone can barely speak English. They also have the tip option on the debit machine, and they taped over the option for "no tip", which is not allowed.
  • J
    Jimmy N
    We went there for the buffet. This is a small restaurant, the choices in the buffet is limited but it tasted really good. I think because the place is smaller, the buffet get filled more often in smaller amount. The food tasted fresher than the usual big place buffet. I recommend and will definitely go back. Oh and the price was really affordable.
  • R
    Robert Sinclair
    Good food. Prompt service. I would recommend. Nothing fan you though
  • K
    kiran natt
    I ordered 2 dishes for pickup here and was told it would be ready in 30-45 minutes. I arrive to pick up my order and wait over 1.5 hours in the restaurant and it still was not ready. The restaurant was not very busy for eat-in or takeout at the time. When I try to ask how much longer my order will be, I am given a very vague answer in poor english 3 different times. Families that arrived after me, were able to order they food,eat, and leave. Very disappointed in their service, I was looking forward to trying their food.