Shanghai Classic Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

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Reviews 5

  • S
    Simon Khong
    Great place for a quick bite to eat. Delicious chinese food.
  • M
    Mantonio B
    Great food and service. Frank, the waiter, treats us well all the time! Prices are very reasonable too!
  • S
    Shan Booth
    Some of the best Chinese food ive had in the city. Awsome food and a nice atmosphere. Serves great peking duck.
  • J
    Jacob Ralph
    Some of the best Chinese food I have ever had the chefs take their time to make sure that every dish is perfect and this does not affect the wait time. The customer service is very good and the restaurant is nice and clean but I warn you make a reservation because during rushes this place is always busy and this is because of how good the food is.
  • R
    Raymond Wong
    Did a pick up and was fast to cook. Experience was very recommend. Food was also good.