Pebble Street

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • Y
    YUN liu
    heavy sauce,very salty,rice is very dry too.meat are tender but seafood need some work. cooking style are complex looks great , great value for what you get.
  • A
    Albert L
    You can ask for the Forbidden City menu if you want more food options.
  • L
    Les Poon
    Hong Kong Style Cafe Restaurant and Noodle House but in the the Hong Kong Style they want you in and out but food is pretty decent
  • R
    Robert Sinclair
    Food was good and service was prompt and consistent. Definitely outside my comfort zone but I found it enjoyable and left satisfied.
  • J
    Jay D
    The food here is pretty good! went here twice the a their quality of food is overall pretty consistent!
  • K
    Kawaii Yoshi
    the baked BBQ bun was good. i like the food. However , the cashier was not polite. She played her phone when customers talked to her. She did not answer our question, no smile nor say "thankyou".