New Dynasty Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 70%

Reviews 4

  • B
    Bonnie Chalmers
    They have one of the best buffets that I have ever eaten at. Not because of their many dishes but that each and every dish I tasted was cooked to perfection. It was very reasonably priced as well.
  • D
    Dean Shwed
    Worst Chinese food I have had. Went back 2 more times just to see if they were having a bad day. But it was a repeated bad experience.
  • C
    chuck norris
    Delicious food every time. Best dumplings and ginger beef.
  • H
    Hildegarde Chambers
    I used to really like the New Dynasty Restaurant in Crowfoot. However, over the last couple of years, it seems the food is just never hot enough, even when I deliberately get small helpings of food at a time from the buffet. When I last ate there in Feb. 2017, the food was practically cold. There is just nothing appetizing about cold Chinese food. I have mentioned this to the proprietors but I get the impression that there is no motivation to make the changes necessary to ensure hot food. Therefore, my last visit to this restaurant will indeed be my last.