Ginger Beef Express

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 75%

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  • R
    Raina Mcdonnell
    Good cook tonight. A long wait time for delivery. Singapore noodles were delish! Customer service on the phone is superb.
  • D
    Dmytri Osipov
    Wanna try some ginger beef? Yaa! All i sand sticks insted, were did the meat go? Y is over fried? Y is your little window covered to the kitchen? Nice service by the young man at the the front desk, but I came to try some ginger beef. Instead I got sand sticks a little flavor of ginger less money in my pocket and me telling myself no more ginger beef. Thank you.
  • S
    Scott Wilson
    **WARNING** Please consider your health before eating here. I ordered a chicken dish a month ago and within an hour of eating it my stomach started doing backflips. Just over an hour after eating I had my head in the toilet bowl and was violently ill. For the next 48-72 hours I was absolutely ruined. Everything I ate came out either my mouth or the "other way". No attempt for compensation was made and I have made over a dozen attempts to contact management. None of my calls have been returned. He is apparently too busy to speak with me.
  • A
    Amanda Groenwold
    Love the service. The guy who works the phone on the weekend is super polite and friendly. The food we have had so far is great. Never have had a problem. The customer service will have us coming back.
  • S
    Stephen Fox
    Yum yum.I am often told on ordering by phone that the order will take about 45 minutes but it arrives in about 10 minutes (I do live in the apartment building opposite though.).Brownie points to Ginger Beef.Very good value for money.


+1 403-245-8448
1515 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1E1, Canada
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