Bamboo House Chinese Food

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 80%

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  • L
    Liz Fallis
    Very friendly and accommodating. Great food
  • R
    Roger Dow
    Quick service..good food
  • J
    Jess Moran
    Fresh & Tasty! By far the best Chinese take out I have eaten in yyc to date. Will definitely order again.
  • A
    alex humphries
    The food here is very good. Its cooked thoroughly and is a great portion size for the price you pay. The owners are very kind. Im glad to be a regular customer! EDIT: Beem coming here for 6 months a couple times a month. The food is quality every time. The nice lady on the phone knows who am too. Very cool. I love buying local
  • R
    Ryan John
    Very good chicken balls and chicken fried rice but ginger beef was to chewy and had no crunch to it at all
  • P
    Paayal Lal
    The food was fresh but the service was horrible by the time we picked up our food it had leaked through n the bag ripped i called to ask if there was something they could do they didnt do nothing the owner just argued with me ...