Wow Chicken

Chicken Restaurant

Filled out 60%

Reviews 4

  • E
    Elton Wong
    Was hungering for some KFC(Korean Fried Chicken) and a quick search on google maps told me this was nearby and open. It was great and was relatively quick for some freshly fried crispy chicken.
  • B
    bandana chino
    Travelling from out of town and I thought I would grab a bit at Wow before driving home. I arrived at 9pm and the sign said it closed at 10pm. I ordered my meal and sat at a table waiting for it. When it came out it was packaged up for takeaway. I told the server that I was planning to eat in (which I had already mentioned when I ordered). She told me that they were closing (it was 9:15pm) and that they were only serving takeaway customers til 10pm. I was quickly ushered out the door and was forced to eat in my parked car before driving home. Tasty chicken, terrible service.
  • T
    Tim Gensey
    The chicken is served hot, fast, and very well seasoned. The different seasoned fries were also delicious. Server was hard to understand.
  • A
    amy zhao
    Greasier than the one in china town. Loved the atmosphere and a super cozy place. The fried chicken is hot and has super generous breading on it. Tasted great!