Heritage Park Historical Village

Local History Museum

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  • G
    Gordon Erickson
    If you have young kids, great place for an annual membership. Good spot for a wedding or event. Lots to see and learn. Great restaurant in Gasoline Alley as well. Parking is paid now but reasonable at 5 dollars per day.
  • K
    Kevin Mullett
    This place is so beautiful. I loved taking the train around the grounds. It is a great place for a picnic. The gasoline alley is so awesome i totally suggest you check it out.
  • R
    Richard Galambos
    A pricey day, but well worth the visit. I personally love Gasoline Alley. Beautiful vintage cars. Also, ride the steam boat and the awesome steam engine.
  • L
    Lucas Metens
    The gasoline alley is nice, a lot of beautiful antique cars. But they should have a largest variety of objets (like planes, objects other than cars,...) and more interactivity