East 40th Pub


Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • D
    Karaoke every Tuesday and Saturday. Plus you can order mozza sticks tossed in wing sauce. Combine teriyaki and dill pickle to blow your mind!
  • L
    Lucas Currie
    Friendly staff, reasonably priced food and liquor, great specials and live music, and free pool on Sundays!
  • T
    Tanner McBee
    A great locals bar. Fair prices and welcoming service. A nice place to do at night during the week to play some pool.
  • D
    Douglas Wood
    A total dive! The beer and liquor selection is poor to nonexistent. The only good thing is the free popcorn.
  • V
    Vanessa Polak
    Drinks and service are OK. Good food but overall look is a dive
  • M
    Dirty, loud bad kareoke, average drinks and food