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Chinese Restaurant

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  • M
    Martin mojzisik
    Take out order... had the beef with broccoli and deep fried ginger beef, also the deep fried chicken balls. Start with the good... the chicken balls were fantastic! Lots of real big chunks of chicken... not lots of batter. And basically everything else was not so good. The broccoli was undercooked and felt raw... the ginger beef was way too crunchy on the INSIDE.while the coating went soggy too quick. The beef was reminiscent of shaved beef... very tiny portions, if you were lucky to find one. It was palatable, however would only reorder the chicken balls, they were great.
  • M
    Maxine Furniss
    This had to be the worst chinese food I have ever ate. It must have been leftovers. I was dry, cold, tasteless and just all around disgusting. The place is very dirty..needs a good cleaning. Just my opinion but I do not recommend this place.
  • B
    Brandy Biollo
    They had more stale desert then food. My father was able to get a beer quickly tho.
  • C
    Candice McKort
    great consistent food and the best pan fried egg noodles west of Edmonton!
  • C
    Chloe Clark
    Very nice old lady and great food quality