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Th meeting, Council approved the Lacombe County 2017 operating and capital budgets and tax rate bylaw. As indicated in the interim budget, municipal tax rates for 2017 will increase by 1% for residential, farmland and non-residential properties over 2016 rates.

“Council’s commitment to minimize tax increases reflects the current economic climate in Alberta and despite the 1% increase, Lacombe County ratepayers continue to enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the province,” commented Commissioner Terry Hager.

The 2017 operating budget of $65,795,590 includes $11,519,020 for the Alberta School Foundation Fund requisition and $403,440 for the Lacombe Foundation requisition. The budget increase of $6.16 million from 2016 is largely due to a $5.8 million commitment to the West QEII Water/Wastewater Servicing project. In addition, the 2017 capital budget of $19,536,550 has increased by $1.5 million from last year.