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    Pamela P
    Helm, has been nothing but Kind, gracious and helpful. I needed to find first time accomodation for my 21 yr old son on short notice. We found Helm. The staff were super helpful even though they seemed so busy. The landlady of his building is so sweet and helpful. She takes such good care of everyone there and also is gentle and kind. I am thankful that we found them and that they helped me find a suitable affordable apartment for my son. Thanks Helm. Regards Pamela
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    Josh Coates
    Company is extremely rude and uncaring. Will bully their customers.
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    Greg Lalonde
    Gave less than 48 hours notice to do a bed bug inspection. When I called to find what time they will be here, I was told between 1-6. I asked why such little notice, he threw Harlow Pest and Sanitation under the bus and said he only found out 2 days prior they would be coming through. Instead of finding a time with more notice, he decided to inconvenience the whole building asking all furniture be moved away from walls, everything vacuumed and no pets. With very little notice, this is very inconveniencing to all. If someone was not there, I was told he would have a locksmith gain access and would charge the owner the fees. Property manager Paul McMorrow saw nothing wrong with such little notice and was rude and abrupt on the phone. I say stay far away from this management company. Seems very unorganized and cares very little about tenants.