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Physical therapy helps increase your strength, decrease your pain, restore and maintain your physical capabilities and improve your mobility. The freedom to function at your fullest potential, without discomfort, happens with physical therapy.

Our team creates physical therapy treatments specific to your sprains, strains, back and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and more. At our physical therapy clinic, we’re committed to building a trusting relationship and providing the best sports and performance therapy for a healthier, happy patient.

Using needles, natural and self-healing processes release endorphins into the body to encourage natural healing, pain reduction, and improved function. Dry Needling: Acupuncture techniques targeting muscle trigger points (knots), and used for treating chronic muscle pain.

You will find our office downtown at the Don Wheaton Family YMCA, but you don’t need to be a YMCA member to receive physio treatment from our office. If you’re in pain, suffering from injury, motor vehicle accident, or surgery, we welcome your visit to our office. Our Edmonton physical therapy office are dedicated to getting you back on track. Let us help you return to that active lifestyle you love!