Avenue Downtown


Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • M
    Mykhailo Vorona
    RNB place. Do not accept cards at all (including debit!), although they have a terminal there: if business runs poorly that night may accept a credit card eventually
  • R
    Reg Ching
    Terrific staff and an intimate space. This place erupts every weekend into one of the best spots on Jasper Ave!
  • M
    Michelle Lee
    Music was decent. The bartenders were great. However the doorman was a complete jerk. Apparently one of them does not know how to be a decent human being, & ended up leaving at the end of the night pretty mad. Learn some compassion. Hire better doorman.
  • R
    Ryan Cornelius
    Great Thank You
  • R
    Rammie Salyy
    Best place u can go #1 in Edmonton