Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton

Movie Theater

Filled out 60%

Reviews 4

  • F
    Francis Diamano
    Best imax.. Place ived beedn really big.. And a bit overwhelming for the experience...compared to some location i been.. 6 hours drive is worthit.. For experience alone
  • M
    michelle carifelle
    Comfortable seats and my child spilled their pop and they came and mopped it up and brought us a replacement pop.
  • S
    sarah Butler
    I was able to take 4 kids and everyone was happy. Yay lego batman!
  • R
    Raychel LittleCastle
    The seats are really uncomfortable. Got a kink in my shoulder from sitting through a movie. SO was squirming and shifting the whole way through cos the seat was uncomfortable for him as well. Probably time they put in some newer cushioned seats. The comfortableness of the seats is really the most important thing for me when watching a movie, since you are sitting the whole time. Will not be back - not worth it when you can be more comfortable at other theaters for the same price.