Imax Theatre

Imax Theater

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • J
    Jayesh Amin
    Awesome IMAX experience. Sound effects are awesome too and great display. If you get last seats then you will experience the best. The only thing is if you get first 4 rows then it will be real close to the screen.
  • K
    Kelly Woolsey
    I will not watch another 3D film anywhere else. Seats are great, screen is massive, sound is fantastic... being able to book seats online is perfect too, no more being late to the theater and getting crappy seats.
  • G
    Gerard Manning
    Love seeing movies here!
  • A
    Angela Yeh
    I went to watch Pandas, and it was a good documentary. The Imax itself at the TELUS is your standard Imax experience, but what I did like is that they make you return your glasses after the show. Their glasses are pretty solid construction, and are equipped with a sensor that is supposed to go off if you leave the Telus with the glasses. Since these glasses are not the cheap ones you get at the Cineplex, they clean and reuse their glasses, which also minimizes their waste.
  • R
    Ryan Murphy
    Only advice - do not sit in the first 4 or so rows, far too close.
  • M
    Marge Street
    This is my go to theatre for Imax.
  • N
    Noah L
    Great theater.