Cineplex Odeon Windermere Cinemas and VIP

Movie Theater

Filled out 60%

Reviews 4

  • K
    K May
    Try the VIP. They take your order in your theatre seat (good deep fried pickles). Comfortable seats.
  • C
    Casey Kinnee
    I use vip theatre quite a bit. This is the first time i was uhappy with the service. After we sat down there was only a few minutes til service ended and for about 5 mins 3 or 4 servers stood and chatted at the bottom of the stairs while 1 stood halfway up the stairs and after y minutes of waiting for all of the servers i had to flag one down. Just before the service ended. Maybe if the staff stopped talking and worried about the cutomers they might get a good tip.
  • D
    Total crap the managers and food and services were way below ANY other cineplex and the employees literally watched one of their own have health issues and just took out their phones and took pictures and laughed. Management did not know how to provide first aid or take proper care of the employee and denied assistance. They also scolded and made a public display out of an employee in front of the customers and have altered contract deals and not notified or asked the contractor to authorize any changes. -3 stars. The only thing good about this theatre was the seats are nice in the VIP.
  • D
    Derek Walsh
    Seats were horrible. Both my wife and I had our legs fall asleep and my back was killing me after the 2hr film. During the trailers the servers were in the way of the screen. Food was really good! (Chicken sliders and a chicken quesadilla) We will definitely be returning to our old theatre.