Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Cinemas

Movie Theater

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • J
    Jasmine Escobar-Thomas
    We have been going to this movie theatre for as long as we have lived in this neighbourhood. I enjoy going there cause its so familiar. The prices are as usual. High. The food, popcorn, snacks all expensive but its the movies so what can ya do? It clean, the washrooms are clean as well. So in general a 4 out of 5 stars!! We will definately be going back because this is our closest and trusted movie theatre!! :)
  • B
    Brandy Mitchell
    I find management very rude here. We were over charged on our food bill and though she resolved it she treated us like idiots until she realized we were right. Then she pretty much gave us the silent treatment. A different time there was a giant line for the stars and strollers movie and there was a problem at one of the two tills. The manager came barely did anything and chose not to help with the line. We were over 20 minutes in the ticket line and were only 5 minutes late for the movie, however there was a full line of people behind us. A good manager would have jumped in and helped more with the till problem and could have opened another till to push through the giant line.
  • N
    Natasha Paquette
    Great as usual! Clean. Staff is nice. Theatre seats were comfy. No problems.
  • T
    T Ell
    Literally one of the poorest websites I have used in recent memory. I cannot believe how dysfunctional this is and the stress and difficulty of navigating is.
  • J
    Jordan D Nelson
    Great location. The parking lot is always full because of the neighbouring businesses and restaurants. The movie we were watching cut out, and we were given free passes in compensation.