Sagar Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • M
    Markie Darkie
    Buffet is pretty decent, lots of different dishes to choose from. Food has more of a home cooked taste compared to New Asian Village.
  • M
    Mahjabeen Hussain
    My very first time yesterday; May 8, 2017 lunch . . . first of all good things about the restaurant; server was very accommodating, naans came to the table fresh from the oven . . . delicious; fish pakora was very good; now the not so good things; vegi pakoras were so hard; yellow daal (lentils) was not cooked properly (water and daal were separate). Being a Muslim, I can eat only Halaal meat; we were told that beef was the only halaal dish and I am not too fond of beef. Some combo of vegis was not to my taste. I might give them a chance second time if they start serving halaal chicken . . . you are keeping so many Muslims out by not serving halaal. I would have given two stars . . . third star is for server:)
  • J
    Justin Coates
    Great Pakora. Pretty rare to find an affordable Indian restaurant on the north side.
  • K
    Klay Quilley
    Showed up at 8:20 p.m. to have dinner with my girlfriend. The hours say it is open until 9 p.m. We walk in and they say they are closed. I asked and said I though you were open until 9 p.m.? The waitress then said they close the kitchen around 8:20 when we got there. Just a bad let down considering the hours posted
  • S
    Samir Panchal
    It is ok to go for quick bite. Staff is helpful but taste is not 100% Indian.