RONA Ellerslie Road

Home Improvement Store

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  • C
    Chris Johnson
    Wish it was still totem. Their Rona Brand is complete garbage (uberhaus), but luckily they still have other decent tool brands.
  • S
    Sean Hatch
    Worst service ever. Waited at the service desk. Waited at cashier and waited to get into the yard. Only one person working at each station. Complete joke.
  • R
    Rick Zink
    Super understaffed. Expect 10 to 15 minute lines.
  • C
    clayton l
    When you shop here make sure you ask for the scanner policy when a price is wrong.You can get up to $10.00 off by law if the item price is incorrect.They had a price marked wrong on something I was buying.It was higher then listed.I asked for the scanner policy compensation and they refused saying it was a clearance item which it was not.Went to another Rona (Gateway Blvd) and they confirmed I was correct.
  • S
    Stephanie & Eric
    Service was so so I got served by a guy not too professional he was chicking his gum like crazy.
  • D
    Dylan Eisenbarth
    Good store but small and low stock supplies