Union Hall

Live Music Venue

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • T
    Tanner Ray
    Alright venue, staff out front were friendly, heaters along the outside were very nice! I saw Animal Collective here and they were fantastic, there was enough space for them to properly set up their show and it looked fantastic. However we were rushed out immediately after it was over as they had to set up for another show right after. Though I understand their reason for doing that, it kind of leaves a sour taste on the whole place.
  • J
    Jason Forsyth
    Pretty good venue. They host alot of wicked shows. Only down fall is the sound is some times not the best it could be.
  • L
    L. Bowes
    They treat my nephew with great respect when he goes here. Always have good security and a good atmosphere.
  • G
    Graham Gilmour
    Big venue. Seen some really good bands there. Kind of out of the way and a bit of a hassle to get to. Crappy beer selection.
  • T
    Tristan Groch
    Surprisingly great place for shows of all genres. Wish they would open up the top level for every show.