Dinner Theater

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    my humble opinion
    Our first experience Feb 18th and I liked it. I really liked how the waiters/waitresses ( actors) did such an enthusiastic job of serving dressed up in the theme of the night. We saw " Ferris Bullers School Of Rock" We paid the extra 6 bucks for the option of Prime Rib and well worth it. The suggested wine was perfect. Huge enthusiasm every step of the show on and off the stage. Get out of the house and go see them.
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    George Hauffe
    Awesome dinning experience. Great food and service. Great entertainment. Superior Management. Excellent $value.
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    Matt Smithman
    Honest review Actors were over the top and fun performance was good but does have a junior high production quality. The actual show was upbeat and singing was good it was fun Odd seating choice like the literal chairs were extremely outdated Now for the food... Starters where pretty good small portion but not bad The entrées were bad they were small portions and even after paying extra for prime rib portion was still small and the food tasted like it had been left over and microwaved I had alot of trouble rating this thw people where great and friendly but the food was so bad its not worth it.
  • K
    Kate T
    Always have an amazing time here . The staff are always a pleasure and the shows are wonderful
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    Karl Domning
    This place is so good now. Last time I was hear was 4 years ago, and it was ok-ish. But now, everything feels top notch. Food, service, production value. So good.