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    Eric Kelly
    I would not recommend planning your wedding here. I provided the Executive Director a detailed list of issues and requested some answers and a refund on the food that was paid for and never received. I tried to just paste the email in, but it was too long. As I have not received a response in almost 2 months after the wedding, after multiple follow ups, they clearly do not care, so I will summarize my issues for you: issues involved: Demanding payment in full or threatening to cancel your reservation a week before the wedding, and giving you a total of 3 hours to get the payment to them (We received the email at 2 pm on a Friday requiring payment before days end) Double booking you, then not telling you until 3 days prior to the wedding... after the payment was verified. We booked over a year in advance and was at the site multiple times for various other mistakes through the week. Promising you everything when you give the deposit, then slowly taking every promise away, including decorations, condiments at the bar such as salt, limes, etc. Changing the menu completely 3 months prior to the wedding with a price increase by about $10/head and not offering any of the choices we have previously selected advising they can accommodate allergies, and then refusing to, to the point they suggested some guests bring in their own food because they could not guarantee anything would be allergy free refusing to take your calls or answer your emails until you show up at the door Not knowing how to operate a buffet, it took forever for people to get their meal Not giving anyone extra plates, so no one can go for seconds taking away the plates before you could finish the first plate immediately throwing all of the extra food, so when you ask for another plate to go for seconds, the food is already gone. Many people including myself left hungry. I think they threw away half of the buffet. Not giving you all the dishes you asked and paid for The staff ignoring you and walking away when you ask about the missing dishes completely messing up half the menu, including forgetting to include meat on the gluten free options. It was a turkey meal, with no turkey... seriously. When people saw the gluten free option, they decided to risk it and have the regular meal. The bride is gluten free, instead of allowing her to have seconds, they immediately through out the extra gluten free plates. Not providing the same quality of food at the buffet that you received at the taste test. At the taste test the food was very extravagant, hand made, very good. The buffet, yes they were eggs, but very plain, not at all the same quality as the taste test. More what you would expect at an all you can eat breakfast buffet for $5.99 quality. I honestly had more issues, this is a quick point form highlighting the major issues... I had to make my post shorter and remove stuff. These people do not know how to cater to any large group of people and are just making it up as they go along. The cook changes his mind on a moments notice, they tell you one thing and then change their mind, sometimes before you get home from the meeting. If you have already booked here, I would recommend sending an email and including everyone, including supervisor and your spouse so the conversation is in writing and everyone has a copy. Print these emails when you go to the next meeting, because they will deny something they said in the meeting or receiving the email, so make sure it is written down and recorded.
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    James Toupin
    Great facility for our only French language University in Edmonton. The theatre is a beautiful, intimate space that is absolutely first class!
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    Jon Paterson
    Fringe Festival!