Forest Terrace Heights Community League

Community Center

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10150 80 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 3K7, Canada
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Mary A. Finlay (1884-1970) was superintendent of Beulah Home for unmarried Mothers from 1922 until her retirement in 1964. She was born in Ontario and came to Edmonton in 1909, where she helped start the Beulah Mission. From 1914 to 1922 Finlay took a leave of absence but continued her evangelistic work. In 1962 the Junior Chamber of Commerce named her Citizen of the Year; in 1963 a scholarship for advanced study in Social Welfare and related fields was established in her name. Mary Finlay park is located in the Forest Heights area and is 0.72ha.

The Forest Terrace Heights communities commence at the corner of 98 Avenue and Fulton ravine. Following the ravine north to the river, west to the river bank (excluding the Riverside Golf Course), south to 98 Avenue, and east to Fulton Ravine. 

To provide a diverse-based community forum that collectively supports all residents of the Forest Terrace Heights Community. In building effective relationships and establishing a friendly, safe, healthy, and attractive neighbourhood where citizens can continue to be proud.

Providing an attractive, comfortable building that allows for affordable, diverse use by all age groups within the community; while still ensuring enough income is being generated to upkeep and maintain the facilities