P & L Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • A
    Andrew Loken
    Food was tasty but was not as good as the premium prices would suggest
  • B
    Benjamin McMaster
    Service is inattentive, food is good, and the price is higher than the preceding would warrant. P&L is an adequate Chinese restaurant, but it could be a great one if it was better managed.
  • E
    Eric Wong
    A good place for Chinese food. Offering both traditional Chinese and North American Chinese style dishes.
  • S
    Scott Bella
    Key Words First: My husband and I both got bad stomach after the meal!!!!!!! My husband and I went to this restaurant at around 6pm and finished the dinner around 6.20pm on Oct 7th,2016. we ordered Kung Pao Chicken, Green Pepper and Eggplant and rice there. just very before i finished the meal, i got a bad stomach. and when we came back hotel, my husband had bad stomach for 3 times as well. which was around 8.30pm the same day. so we thought it was the food in this restaurant, since we had some breakfast at around 9 am in the morning, we were both okay until we had that dinner. so I called the restaurant to warn the owner the food may have some problems they should be careful and wont risk others. the lady gave me a bad attitude and requested me to speak Chinese, when I told her the truth, she denied it and requested more evidence like a diagnose from a doctor or something ( my husband and I came here from another town for something important, we do not have time to do that of course) , her attitude was terrible just like how the food tasted, with a defiant tone talking to me, of course i cannot show the evidence from the doctor since obviously that cost too much for me, who came here for something else which is more important, but i felt very bad coz of her. and i was a little upset when she acted rude ,and i would like to speak English which is the official language to let her know that was serious, but do you know what she told me?she said and i quote: I do not speak English, which implied me that: come on, stop, i am not listening! what a restaurant. I am not a trouble maker, but I am a person who would like to protect myself when i get something unfair.
  • B
    Betty Mazurik
    Sat down and were totally ignored. Other customers came in after us were served water, tea and were given plates. After 15 minutes we were so disgusted we got up and left.