Joy Ho Chinese Foods


Filled out 80%

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  • C
    chris deal
    One stop ghetto shop get yer bong blade and deep fried all with Asian efficiency
  • C
    Cassy Demchuk
    Always good food and fresh the pizza has a unique sauce that has a sweet taste
  • C
    Charles F. Gray
    The place I am thinking of is the convenience store. Overpriced compared to 7-11. No need to return.
  • E
    Eric Perkons
    Its OK, ghetto area, food a bit pricy but not the worst in town at all.
  • H
    Harley F. GoodWheeler
    Food is hot and fresh and store offers convenience of grocery items Chinese cigarettes and garbage bags all in one stop
  • C
    Covey WhiteGold
    Really enjoy their food every time; Always Hot and Fresh and finally some Real Dry Garlic Ribs with meat not bone. I prefer Delivery then using their Convenience store order and then pick up next door; mistakes have happened, frustratingly.