Good Buddy Restaurant North Edmonton

Dim Sum Restaurant

Filled out 75%

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    Tim Frith
    The best part about this is the location relative to where our family lives. The food is fine. My son loves the chicken feet and rice rolls. I like the pepper beef or beef and tomato. Most of the servers are nice. If you want pop or forks for the kids, order it right away from whoever seats you or it may take a while to flag somebody down.
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    Shen Lee
    Food not bad,but too salty,even we told them less salt
  • K
    Kawaii Yoshi
    The peking duck was great! They used big duck that means lot of meat. The Duck was juice. Also, the Dim Sum was good.
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    Shantelle Granger
    I definitely do not recommend dining at this location! The experience was horrible. Plates and ramekins were dirty. Ordered the Wonton soup and it came to our table cold. When the food did come to the table, the meat dishes came first (all separated 10 minutes apart) with the rice and noodle dishes coming last, 45 minutes after the first dish! By that time, all the other dishes had become cold. No one was "available" to refills our beverages. The restaurant was not even busy, roughly 1/4 of its capacity. No excuse for the horrible service. Definitely will not ever return to this location.
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    Michelle Myers
    Pretty good food for an alright price. They are normally fairly good with their service as well. The menu is massive!