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    laura dame
    I ordered 50$ worth from china village, i got deep fried shrimp and it was disgusting. They were very dark like they were fried in dark old oil, i took a bite of it and it had no taste and was super dry. there was practically no shrimp in it. I opened it up and the shrimp looked like it was cut and spirelled like fake looking. I called the lady and i was so polite asking why it was like that, and she just said it was the style, and i proceeded to say how i was not happy with it, and kindly asked if i could bring it back for my money or something else and she started being rude and said no and just started defending the shrimp more. No apology nothing...the chow main also tasted burnt. i would post pictures of the shrimp but it doesnt have that option.
  • T
    Tyrel Bryant
    Came in after work. Was fairly clean - lots of boxes on the back wall. Had a homely feel. Could hear the kitchen plugging away. Server was able to talk about menu items and make suggestions. The food was quite delicious. I would recommend this place
  • B
    BJ Massey
    Schezuan beef tasted reheated, the green onion cake was more like a greasy bread. Peas and beef (in that order) were good, but seriously low on beef (14 pcs for the entire tray). Will most likely never go back.
  • ?
    Émilie Lévesque
    I tried this place twice and I ordered to take out. They have lots of options and a daily deal. Tasty, very fast and good portion :)
  • A
    amy tymchuk
    We have been loyal customers for 20 years and have never been disappointed. Love the food.


+1 780-476-4727
13124 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5C 0B1, Canada
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Come in and enjoy our variety menu of Chinese cuisine, from classics such as Chicken Fried Rice and Wonton Soup to exciting twists on everyday classics of beef and chicken including our Tomato Beef and our Peach Yum Yum Shrimp.

As a Chinese restaurant who has been serving the community for over twenty years, we come from a devoted family of chefs with a passion for food and cooking Chinese cuisine the way it should be cooked. So come on in and enjoy a Chinese heritage of taste!