Napier Theatre

Movie Theater

Filled out 80%

Reviews 8

  • D
    Don Solohub
    Great like theater. Always a pleasure to enjoy a movie here
  • J
    John Shoff
    Historical theatre, with up to date digital projection and sound.
  • C
    Chedd420 of Clan Macleod
    Good for a small town theater. Good pucture good sound. Seats are a lil uncomfortable tho
  • L
    Landon Hill
    Great local theatre, fantastic prices. The only problem is the seats have a comfort time limit of about an hour and a half.
  • A
    Alana Bowker
    Excellent theatre with history. Very affordable family entertainment, comfortable seats and always clean, friendly. :)
  • B
    Brett Campbell
    absolutely terrible. Was randomly closed on a Sunday for no reason. the time i went before there was hair in my popcorn.
  • C
    Chelsea Radke
    Lovely old theatre. Polite concession service. I like this little theatre.
  • M
    Cool old theatre. Perfect for a night out and a new movie.