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    Chris Jackman
    A big crew of us showed up there on Saturday at lunch time. It was just the chef in the kitchen. We had an hour to work with. He was able to pump out the food with time to spare (and the food was really good). I had the veggie bowl and really enjoyed it. Great work!
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    Chris Bean
    Are family has a local business and we also have a range membership to maintain our golf game. We totally enjoy eating on the deck. BUT. was not impressed this evening when i went to the range to hit balls for first time in 5 weeks to find out the range was closed at 6pm now. used to be 630pm. i arrived at proshop at 608pm. Was lucky to find some extra balls on range to hit some. Funny enough 15 mins later an another patron was able to get range balls. Totally hate the DOUBLE STANDARd when we even have a membership. I have hard time recommending to any tourists when this type of service is being executed. Plus this is the worst range for closing early. Who closes their range 3 hours before dark. 7 days a week. Being a golf pro , i have been on both sides of the counter and this is worst i have seen for hours. People in Canmore would actually go to range after work. Running our own course our best busiest range usage was morning and after 7pm. Golf needs to be open to more people in order for the game to survive.
  • J
    jason penny
    Great value for a golf club. Thursday night they do a great deal on fish and chips.
  • M
    Mish Rose
    Great people beauty of a course.
  • J
    Jason Lewis
    Amazing! The course was in terrific condition. Great value.
  • J
    Jeff H
    Great local country club!
  • D
    deepa gaonkar
    Cool place for activities