Magic Lantern Duggan Cinemas

Movie Theater

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • C
    Criss Mce
    This theater offers a reasonable small down movie experience. Prices are fair, and discounted on Tuesdays! While snack prices are typical of even big city theaters, they are tasty and a good treat. They even have cotton candy! I am a bit picky about the types of movies I would pay to see in this theater, as the venue is older and dated, and the screens and sound system show their age. But for non-special effects movies this is a great option.
  • M
    Michelle Kennedy Hawkins
    Nice new seats in the theatre I was in today. Yummy snacks, although typical movie theater pricing. Friendly staff.
  • K
    Kirsten Brown
    The popcorn is always fresh and hot, never really had any issues here.
  • R
    Rajesh Nair
    Only 6 dollars on Tuesday,,, small Town theater,,,if you are planning to watch any movie on Tuesday,, this is the best place,,, what you pay is what you get,, more than happy to watch movies on Tuesday..
  • W
    wolfgirl _50
    can u plz bring back mantinee on monday
  • M
    Matthew Wolokoff
    A great place to pick
  • A
    Aidan Fontaine
    Amazing! Looking for a movie theatre in camrose this one is not only the best, its the only one in camrose.