Evanston Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

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  • S
    Stu Kolynchuk
    Never had to wait very long to be seen. Doctors are good. No complaints.
  • A
    Alicia Zumbusch
    I work late and never have trouble getting in very quickly with no appointment in the evenings. Was once very very ill and the receptionist was kind enough to let me wait in my car so I could lay down and they called when it was my turn to go in. One of the doctors was also fantastic in getting me a very fast dermatologist referral. Great clinic.
  • C
    Craig Berntzen
    Dr. Imran is great. My whole family goes to see her. I tell all my friends who need a doctor to go see her.
  • J
    Jason Geel
    Had nothing shy of a pleasant experience, a pleasent change from most walk ins