The Paragon Theatre

Performing Arts Theater

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5019 50 St, Holden, AB T0B 2C0, Canada



We manage the County of Beaver’s only performing arts facility, the Paragon Theatre.  Originally built as the Paragon, it was renamed some years ago to become the Beaver Regional Arts Centre.  When the Beaverhill Players’ bid to become the administrators was approved, one of the first things we did was honor the building’s original identity and renamed it the Paragon.  We also equipped the building with a movie screen and projector, and show both early-release and classic movies on as regular a schedule as our volunteer time allows.

The history of the Players is long and storied.  Records are scant, but there are newspaper clippings and photos of plays put on by the Players going back at least as far as the early ’80s.  In 1997, the Beaverhill Players performed Joseph Kesselring’s immortal

In 2010, community members and previous Players anxious to see the resurgence of community theatre in Holden decided to regroup.  In a fitting tribute to its heritage, the reborn Players did that same script in March 2011, and the next phase of their future was born.